Plumbing fitting
BS864/EN1254 standard copper fitting
BS864(Solder Ring) standard copper fitting
JIS H3401 Japanese standard copper fitting
GB/T11618-1999 standard copper fitting
ANSI B16.22 standard copper pipe sonnection
Q/JY0101-2000 standard copper fitting
Particular copper fitting
O-ring Tee
Pipe fittings for bathroom
Plumbing and boiler pipe fittings
Crossover for Air conditioning evaporator
Shape pipe joints
Joints for cantral air conditioner
Tee joints for Air conditioner
Filter series for Air conditioner
LF2 shape pipe joints
Maffler and filter screen
Welding components of car air conditioner series
Pipe fittings of air conditioner
Bend and reed pipe series
Welding components of air conditioner
Brass joint of air conditoner
Pipe fittings for air conditioner
Filter screen series
LF21 Aluminum series

Zhejiang Jingyi Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, it covers a land area of 12000m2 and has a construction area of 8000m2, has develiped into a medium-sizd enterprise With more than 500 personnels, among Which there are more than 50 techniccians and more than 30 quality control personnels. We specialize in manufacturing of copper fitting, and are a member of the Chinese Freeze and Air-conditioning industry association. We have been adopted by ISO9000 quality recogniton system, and our brand is registered as"JingYi".

Our copper fitting select DHP copper as material, Which is going to be processed. Our product has been approved by the National Technology Supervising Authority Shanghai General Machinery products Inspection Station, and the hygiene standard has been proved by Zhejiang Disease Precaution and conntrol Centre under national standard of GB/T17219-1998. The copper fittings comply with BS864, ANSI B16.22, JIS H3401, GB/T11618-1999, and the enterprise standard respectively. Our products are now widely used in different industries such as plumbling,ACR,chemical industry post and telecommunications. etc.

During the past years, we aimed to provide best quality products and best service to our customers, and are always in the customers' good graces. Our products are now being sold to customers all over the world including Japan, UK, USA, Australia, etc. and both technology and quality of the products are in the leading position in the world.

In order to improve effcieney and get good quality of tube cup,we use precision half-automatic machine to cutmaterial.
We use high precision punch, die and othe tools to control diameter size of copper tube.
Inspect the appearance and diamensions of product, strictly guard the last pass of quality.
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